Monday, July 27, 2009


Alrighty, let's get down and dirty into this whole Swaminarayan Diet ordeal. The main components of the diet? No meat, no eggs, no onions, no garlic and no gelatin. Yes, this means no skittles, starbursts, majority of cakes/donuts/cookies/brownies and almost ALL food you get in restaraunts because of the onions and garlic. So...what exactly do we Swaminarayans eat? Do we starve oursleves? Let me simply put this...NO! As you can see from Mira's mouth-watering cake, we most definitely found our way around the food we cannot eat and turn it into something we can eat. It takes some experimenting, but afterall, that's the fun part, right? So..just a quick reason as to why we don't eat these things which you all probably feel like make food taste very delicious. We don't believe in killing or harming animals even for sacrificial purposes. We treat all living things equally and therefore we cherish the animals in our world. This includes eggs because the chicks do havea chance to live. The no to onions and garlic is more character based. It has been studied and reported that people who eat onions and garlic are more likely to be angry and have a short temper. And why should we eat the anger-causing food when there are a plethora of other spices which make food taste just as yummy?? Another big thing in our diet is that we don't cook with alcohol. We don't drink alcohol and nor do we add it into our food. So no rum cake or wine vinegeratte. i don't think i need to go into detail about why we don't drink alcohol. It's simple..we don't want to damage our liver nor do we want something which is going to intoxicate us going into our bodies.

So in short, the point of this blog as was earlier mentioned is to make all sorts of recipes ranging from cakes, brownies, tiramisu, cheescake and pudding to enchilladas, pizza, soups, sandwhiches and stir-fried vegetables which are ALL Swaminarayan diet-friendly! You must try the recipes and see just how flavorful everything is!

Just remember to have fun, be yourself and enjoy what you're making. The main ingredient is love!


  1. hey there! jai swaminarayan
    may i ask, which sampraday are you from?
    very cool blog you have...!keep it up

  2. Your religion is not Swaminarayanism. Rather, it is Hinduism, of which Swaminarayan is a sect.

  3. Very cool and good blog . My blog is also about. no onion no garlic vegetarian cooking. Please view and give me your feedback.

  4. Jai Swaminarayan,

    why people so keen about sampraday? Just say we are satsangi of Sriji Maharaj. I am glad you post food recipe for all satsangi.