Monday, July 27, 2009


Hello and Jai Swaminarayan,

Welcome to our blog, which is an attempt to create crazy concoctions that happen to taste good (well that's just the chemist talking). If you like what you see please comment and harass us to cook more. We will try our best to take pictures, improve pictures, improve our writing, etc

If you have recipes you would like to contribute, please let Ruchi or myself know, we would love to have both short term and long term contributers as long as its within the guidelines of the Swaminarayan diet.

Now for some sillyness.

Cake on my counter - see heavy cream in background

Cake in the fridge - see all sorts of yummy in there.

Cake in the fridge. (Why is there a Triscuit box in there?)

This is a giant cake that I made for a pot luck dinner (recipe to follow, maybe tomorrow), but this cake wasn't supposed to be a giant cake. It was originially supposed to be half the size, two round cakes with chocolate and strawberries as part of the filling. But I doubled the recipe, without realizing that the recipe was already for two round cakes. So instead of a reasonably sized chocolate cake (yum, chocolate!) it was a giant chocolate cake. (Oh and I was lucky that I had parchment paper sticking out of the cake pan, cause each cake grew out of the pan - way out! On a side note - this is the one an only time I have ever taken the time to decorate the cake, normally its make cake, eat cake for me.

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