Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Ekadashi Dish

I know Ekadashi is still about a week away, but this is one of my favorite ekadashi dishes.

Start with a potato - See small yukon gold potato

Grate and put in water, rinse out the potato starch

Lay out to dry on either a cloth or paper towel, layer another on top. (I sometimes add weight so as much of the water gets absorbed.)

Once dry, in a warm pan, put some oil and add half of the shredded potatoes. DO NOT TOUCH. Leave it alone till the edges are looking nice and brown.

Then sprinkle some yummy cheese. (Use good melting cheese.) You can add tomatoes, or chopped serrano or bell peppers, whatever you are desiring. Sprinkle some black pepper. Do not sprinkle salt!

(Its really easy to over salt this dish, but if the cheese isn't salty enough you can always sprinkle it on top after you've tasted it.)

(Look at the gooey cheese. And see the browning on the edges? That's what you have to wait for before you touch it.)

Add the second half of the shredded potatoes, then carefully cover the pan with a plate, and flip the hash browns onto the plate. Then slide it back into the pan, so the beautiful golden bottom is now the top. Cook until the bottom is nice and golden brown. Cut into pieces and enjoy!

This dish is really yummy, and really simple when you are hungry. The first time you attempt this dish it might be hard not to disturb the potatoes, but trust me, leave them alone, otherwise you'll ruin that beautiful crust you see up there.

Enjoy a stuffed hash brown for me!

(Tomorrow Mira's new favorite salad and salad dressing)

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