Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dinner Party

So I went to a dinner party at my friend Chris' place and we all made different food items. I made a yogurt parfait. (I forgot to take pictures :-( ) But the recipe is as follows:

Greek yogurt (Fage brand yogurt, but try to avoid the fat free version) flavored with honey and vanilla.
sliced strawberries (though you can make it with any berries, peaches or plums)
and your favorite granola

I let the yogurt mingle with the honey and vanilla in the fridge for awhile.

After I prepped the parfait at Chris' place I got bored waiting for our friends, Ann and Kevin, so I decided to try to make a fancy looking drink.

So I made up sparkling strawberry lemonade.

Into a sauce pan/pot put honey, fruit, lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

Let it bubble for awhile - mine was a really pretty red boil (I wish I had gotten some pictures).

I let mine bubble until the strawberry slices were falling apart.

Then in a cup I put ice and poured the syrup and sparkling water - stir!
(I recommend putting the sparkling water first then the syrup, either way its really pretty!)

(That's my coworker Chris! Chris stay away from my pretty drink, I know the pink drink is enticing you!)

You should make this - its a wonderful non-alcoholic mixed drink.

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